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John Lee Hooker - Annie Mae

Annie Mae, I need you night and day, Annie Mae
Annie Mae, Annie Mae, I want you for my own Annie Mae.
Annie Mae, Annie Mae
Don’t ever leave me by myself
Annie Mae, Annie Mae
Don’t leave me here to cry
You you you leave me leave me
I believe I would die..................

Great song by the amazing John Lee Hooker! #blues

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Muddy Waters - Sugar Sweet
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Can’t call her sugar, sugar never was so sweet…

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Love Me Darlin'
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another one of my favourite SRV songs… there are a fair few though tbh


Blues guitarist Johnny Winter dies at 70

Blues icon Johnny Winter passed away yesterday in Zurich, Switzerland. 
He was a symbol of the Texas Blues scene, played guitar on his remarkable Gibson and recorded over a dozen albums. He also produced one of the best blues album ever mad “Hard Again" by Muddy Waters. He will be missed! 


Hound Dog Taylor - Wild About You Baby

Before the fenomonal Hound Dog Taylor made fame with his slide guitar he had a lot of side jobs, like building  tv cabinet in Chicago. After that period when Hound Dog and his Houserockers were playing in every Juke Joint around the country they were referred as “The Ramones of the Blues”  

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Wall Of Denial
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The Rolling Stones - Angie
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Muddy Waters - Cold Weather Blues [1964]
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Muddy Waters - Cold Weather Blues


Sonny Boy Nelson: How You Want Your Rolling Done?

Together with his half brother Ben on a mandolin, Nelson began to play as a novelty act at picnics and suppers, and for prisoners at the Mississippi State Penitentiary. Sonny Boy Nelson was a true Delta Blues man.

Junior Wells - Come On in This House
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Junior Wells & Earl Hooker - Come On in This House.

…just to hear you call me “Daddy” one mo’ time…

The Kingsmen - Louie, Louie
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Toga Baby

soo damn catchy.

when fleetwood mac actually did something good